Hi, I'm Clark

I’m a Central Texas based designer with an emphasis on motion. I'm accustomed to working closely with developers—creating high-quality, fast-loading, slick-looking digital experiences. From museum experiences to deepfakes, I’m not one to say no to an interesting challenge.

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My Skillsets

Where I've worked

McGarrah Jessee
Digital Production Artist | 6 years (current)

Digital Production Artist may be my title, but that really doesn't represent the full breadth of my responsibilities. I work with teams to build a variety of web content, social animations, UI component libraries and even some interactive museum exhibits. I’ve become the go-to source for finding technical solutions to turn designer visions into achievable digital experiences. Early on I expressed a desire to do animation, which quickly grew to account for a large portion of my workload.

McCoy's Building Supply
Graphic Designer & Photographer | 2 years

As is common with in-house advertising, this job had me wearing many hats. For any assigned project I was typically responsible for all aspects of creative and production—from concept, copywriting and design to literally purchasing newspaper ad placements over the phone. Being where I cut my proverbial teeth in advertising, I was fortunate to have a position with a great deal of creative freedom.

Some recent projects

UI Animation | Motion Comping | Asset Production

The creative direction on this site set out with lofty animation goals. My part in seeing that vision realized included rapid motion design ideation and iteration, supplying high fidelity motion comps for the devlopers and building a variety of self-contained animated assets.

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Winter Whataland
AR Filter Development | Animation | 3D Modeling

This was my first opportunity to build an Instagram Filter for a client. Using Spark AR, I was responsible for the entirety of development. Instagram's filter weight limits and somewhat ambiguous guidelines proved to be a tough, but overcomable, challenge.

Pro tip: if you don't have Whataburger packaging handy, the logo target recognition will auto-trigger after 10 seconds.

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